What is Badgermille?

Badgermille is a website for referees to practice making calls. Users watch a video of a fencing action, make a call, then get to see how their call stacks up with everyone else. With feedback from FIE users, you get to compare your calls against the best in the business, immediately after making the call.

I made a mistake when submitting my video. How do I fix it?

At the moment, you can delete the video and submit it again. To delete, click "Welcome, Username" in the navbar, and delete the video from the list on your profile page. We are working on a better solution for this.

I'm having trouble with something. Who can I talk to?

Email us! We'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

I've found a bug. Where do I report it?

You're awesome. We love it when you email us about that stuff.

What can I do to help contribute?

At the moment, vote and comment on videos already on the site, or submit new videos. This site needs an active community to stay alive.

I have this idea that will make Badgermille totally awesome!

We're all ears, so email us.

What is this site built with?

This site is built on Rails 4 and Twitter Bootstrap 3.

Why is it called Badgermille?

Ask Matt Cox